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In the last couple of months, I have had numerous people ask me what these little square puzzle or maze-like squares are – like the one at the top of this page. Have you seen one of these before? Have you wondered what it is? It’s a QR (“Quick Response”) code. And I’m using it to offer new benefits to my clients – both sellers and buyers!

A QR code is like a bar code and it can be “read” with almost any smart phone! When you scan one of my QR codes, you’ll be taken to a website with more information. Depending on the code I’ve used, it could be more information about me, my listings, the market, our community – the possibilities are endless! Have a smart phone and want to give it a try? It’s very easy! First, use your smart phone to visit my website and download a FREE QR code reader –  Now you’ll be able to scan the code above and see where it takes you!

There are so many advantages that I can offer to my clients by using these codes to market property in the Parksville Qualicum region. For sellers, my aim is to sell your home quickly and efficiently. Here are the ways that QR codes help me do that:

  • A QR code on your lawn sign and on your print ads (newspaper, newsletter, etc.) instantly provides detailed information about your home to drive-by home shoppers and print ad readers on their mobile phone.
  • Because home-shoppers have such easy access to listing details, a unique QR code for your property eliminates unnecessary showings to buyers who are not a good fit for your home.
  • When buyers access your property’s full details online, they become engaged with your home and your property is differentiated from other listings that are being marketed more traditionally.

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