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Ageing in Place (October 2010) - page 1 of 2

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We, as a family, are very proud of our mother. She is in her eighties and still walks most mornings for her exercise, come rain or shine. She loves to travel and has just returned from Haida Gwaii. She is active in the lives of her grandchildren, pursues her volunteer activities in the community and is passionate about her gardening.
What happens when her lifestyle slows and her needs begin to change though? She has made it clear to all her children that she plans on staying in her home. With the level of community and family support she enjoys, there is no doubt she will do this gracefully and graciously. However it will not be without its challenges.
A significant concern that many people have as they grow older is the fact that they may have to leave their home. This often means leaving behind a comfortable setting, a familiar community and circle of friends and many memories. In addition there is often a sense that a certain amount of control is lost when one leaves their home.  This “control” often underpins our feelings of dignity, respect, quality of life and independence. It is often our homes that can help define who we are and provide a strong sense of security.
Today, with the unprecedented level of good health we enjoy as a society, seniors staying in their homes is becoming much more common. I believe this trend will continue to grow as there is increased awareness and acceptance. This is called “Ageing in Place” and there is a growing segment of the renovation business that is enabling our seniors to stay in their homes. It is currently estimated that some 70% of seniors spend the rest of their lives in the place where they celebrated their 65th birthday.
So where is the additional support for seniors? In our communities there are numerous resources and companies like “The Nurse Next Door” or “Claire’s Home Care” that can provide any level of support to those who choose to stay in their homes. Other great resources locally include the Society of Organized Services (S.O.S.) or the website with their wealth of information and guides.
We are truly blessed to live in this great part of the world. Enjoying it has never been easier for seniors. On the next page is a helpful guide for you if you want to stay in your home and plan on making some renovations for your changing needs.
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